Embracing the Joys of Summer: A Gentle Reflection

As I sit here, enjoying a lovely summer break, memories of last year’s challenging summer time with Covid bring a wave of gratitude. With renewed energy and excitement, I’ve been indulging in the sheer bliss of paddling on the serene inland waterways of Northern Ireland in my trusty sea kayak.

But there’s more to celebrate this summer. I am thrilled about my upcoming somatics qualification, the culmination of 180 hours of training and dedicated practice. The thought of offering new somatics courses in the coming autumn fills me with eagerness and anticipation.

Gazing out of my conservatory’s window, I love watching the the sight of bees gracefully feeding on the vibrant Willow herb, despite the unpredictable weather. My garden, seems to be a sanctuary of nature’s wonders, and is becoming a source of constant delight as I harvest an abundance of vegetables and fruits from my polytunnel and outdoors.

Embracing the outdoors, I ventured on a great walk last week up the Killyclogher Burren, accompanied by my ever-enthusiastic dogs. Witnessing the mesmerising dance of blue damselflies on the tranquil water, I felt an undeniable connection to the beauty of the natural world.

Right outside my conservatory, the wagtails have been busy raising their second nest of chubby youngsters, a heartwarming spectacle to behold. Their vibrant presence reminds me of the joy of life.

The excitement doesn’t end here, as I eagerly await our trainee yoga teacher retreat on Inishbofin in the last week of August. Alongside the joy of reuniting with fellow yogis, I am also looking forward to teaching yoga again in the autumn, igniting the transformative power of this practice in the hearts of my students.

To all my cherished friends and fellow yoga practitioners, I wish you a summer filled with moments of joy, reflection, and gratitude. Embrace the warmth of the season and the beauty that surrounds you, and may this summer be a season of renewal and growth for us all in Ireland.