From Mountain to Mat

Come with me on a wonderful journey through yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for more than twenty years, and now I’m happy  to share what I’ve learned as a teacher.

Yoga has brought so much joy and passion into my life, and I want to help others experience its remarkable benefits too. I welcome students of all levels, and I’m dedicated to guiding you on your yoga journey.

In my classes, we create a special atmosphere where our bodies, minds, and souls connect. I’ll help you align your body, expand your mind, and awaken your spirit. With a mix of clarity, precision, and a bit of humor, we’ll have fun exploring yoga together and discovering more about ourselves.

Let’s create a beautiful picture of what’s possible with yoga. Come join me on this magical adventure!

With Knowledge and Wisdom

Drawing inspiration from luminaries in my early days  such as Betsy Downing, Debs Neubar, Noah Mazé, Noeleen Tyrrel, Darren Rhodes, Richard Miller and Kathleen Knipp,  Jaye Martin as well as the profound teachings of Kashmir Shaivism.

Aligning all this  with more recent learning from the wonderful Lisa Peterson who guided me on my journey into the somatic world . These deep reservoirs of wisdom have not only shaped my own practice but have become the guiding light for those I am privileged to guide . My dedication to the transformative power of yoga extends beyond the physical practice.

I am also a trained iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher with this advanced meditation practice, I bring the gift of deep relaxation, restful sleep, and increased resilience to those who seek balance in their lives. Through iRest, I help my students decrease hyper-vigilance, chronic pain, and symptoms of PTSD while nurturing self-efficacy and self-regulation.

Finally weaving all this together with the art of somatics, bodies find freedom, minds discover clarity, and souls awaken to a symphony of inner harmony, forever changing lives.

Yoga Teacher Training

Two Friends, One Journey

In partnership with my friend and colleague, Christine Stewart, we have manifested a vision of love and learning in the form of The Catamatkara Yoga Teacher Training School. This sacred space allows us to nurture aspiring teachers, offering them  Yoga Alliance  and Yoga  Alliance Professional  certification   200-hour foundational training.

Our journey begins in the serene surroundings of Omagh and extends to the picturesque lands of Boyle in the Republic of Ireland. As a testament to our commitment to holistic growth, we also include a 40-hour retreat on the enchanting island of Inishbofin, where the raw beauty of nature becomes a backdrop for profound transformation.

We will  also  be offering stand alone modules that students will be able work through as they build up there 500 hour portfolio. Making this an economic and achievable way to  gain certification. 


Mixing Magic and Adventure

Outside of doing yoga, I love exploring the wild beauty of Northern Ireland’s mountains. I go on walks with my dogs there, finding peace and inspiration in the natural surroundings. In the summer, I enjoy going on adventurous rowing trips to remote parts of Ireland in a traditional boat called a Curragh. Sea kayaking is another passion of mine, especially during the summer months when I can be out on the water surrounded by nature, which makes me feel really comfortable. And becoming a grandmother in February 2022 has been the most wonderful thing in my life, filling me with endless love and amazement.

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