Celebrating Samhain

Twists, Turns and Teethbraces

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I visited the dentist recently and apart from the usual knocking and banging that occurs ,  he announces to me that my teeth were on the move.  


Something I had noticed but was doing my best to ignore . Top front are heading out towards the horizon”  says he. I did not bother  explaining that they are journeying back to their earlier childhood position. 


 The said teeth having been forced there by my endeavours to suck not only one finger, as a child , but most of my right fist. Mouth and fist are not entirely compatible despite my best efforts something had to give,  it was the teeth that surrendered first . 


 Round about eight years old my wonderful folks decided urgent action was needed and I was carted quickly off to the ferociously expensive orthodontist.That was the last quick action of the treatment. 


Long story short,  round about eighteen years of age I came out from behind the bars and braces that had taken up residence in my mouth in an all out effort to pull the offending teeth back into line. 


  Recently ruminating ,it occurred to me that  the analogy of the action of the teeth bracesis a little like a weather vein for the world today.  


 Human life charges on, on an ever ending quest for the holy grail of the quick fix. But you know fixing my  unruly teeth with braces and bands was not a quick fix .It spanned at least ten years and maybe a bit more .  


 When I look at all that is on offer in the burgeoning health and therapeutic world . All those wonderful healing , holistic, expensive  experiences with interesting add ons which may be pleasurable, enjoyable and even memory making, but much like the sun tan that  fades as you step off the plane quickly disappear – leaving only a fading memory on your bank balance. 


 l  too have followed all the twists, turns and distractions chasing that holy grail of contentment, in the end it comes down to that inner enquiry- that putting down of the external  .  


 I find the simple daily discipline of practicing  yoga at home or in studio , always gives me reliable access to that place of stillness, of quietness of calm .  


These days I am more self contained, less dependent on the quick hit , the new experience – thats not to say  of course that I dont enjoy new experiences when they do occur . 


 Like the true tantric, I embrace it all though gradually and incrementally like the braces on my teeth the practice continues to change the quality of my life today and everyday , my lifestyle you might say . 


Some of the practices that I embrace each day are the same practices that I offer in studio and on Zoom for those who are patient .