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What if the aches, pains and decline of aging were preventable and reversible? What if you could release patterns of tight or weak muscles created by habit and trauma? This is the premise behind Somatic Yoga, a gentle form of exercise designed to assist us in releasing patterns of pain in the body.

Oftentimes due to illness, trauma, habits, aging, and stress, our bodies get locked into patterns,or samskaras, and our muscles forget how to relax or how to engage to support us. Somatic yoga helps by retraining the brain and the nervous system to let go of these patterns through small and gentle movements. This style of yoga is completely accessible to all ages and ability levels and the benefits of the practice can be experienced after just session.

The benefits of somatic yoga are countless – from improving posture, decreasing pain, improving mobility, improved breathing, relieving headaches, shoulder, neck and back pain and much more.

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