All classes are now live classes at the Bamboo Loft

and also available on Zoom  . 

This Covid-information for users of the Bamboo Loft
(Please read carefully if you are coming to yoga classes at the studio)

From Monday 21st Feb 2022

  • It is no longer a requirement to wear a mask when entering the building.If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask please feel welcome to do so. Your teachers will not be wearing masks.
  • Arrive at the Bamboo Loft dressed ready for class
  • Feel free to use your own equipment or that of the Bamboo Loft 
  • Parking – Please use the upper yard for parking. Enter the building from the Lane end of the building (over the bridge)
  • Use hand sanitiser at the entrance to the building situated on the table outside the door and the table inside the door.
  • Shoes should  be taken off and left on the shoe rack inside the door of  Bamboo Loft.
  • Try to have 1 meter distance between mats & at the end of the class, please spray and wipe the area on the floor under your mat.
  • If you are using mats, belts or blocks from the Bamboo Loft these must be thoroughly cleaned also. 
  • Spray and paper towels will be available in the Bamboo Loft
  • The toilets are downstairs and may be accessed by going back outside over the bridge and around to the lower entrance doors to the Mandala studio or the Conservatory.
  • Please use the hand sanitisers in the  toilet.
  • Infection – Please do not come to class if you have tested positive have symptoms or have been in close contact with anyone who has.
  • Track and Trace – I will need to keep contact details of all class participants for 21 days for the NHS in case of any infection – you will be asked for these details  on the website site when you book for your block of classes.